7 steps to infection control cleaning

May 29, 2020

ICS' 7 steps to infection control

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, ICS has swung into action providing Infection Control Cleaning across ICS’ multisite operations including bus, tram and train transit networks, medical facilities and Local Governments. ICS’ response to COVID-19 is based on the below 7 steps to Infection Control cleaning:

  1. Using a known virucidal chemical effective against COVID-19:
  2. Ensuring Infection Control cleaning is thorough and at least daily;
  3. Documented procedures;
  4. Ensuring correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  5. Ensuring PPE best practice to reduce the risk of cross contamination;
  6. Using colour coded cloths;
  7. Communicate regularly with employees and clients regarding PPE.

Stay tuned for more on ICS’ 7 steps to infection control or for more information check out our Infection Control Solutions.

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