COVID-19 Coronavirus update

July 1, 2021

ICS continues to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 coronavirus health crisis, with thanks to our teams throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in rising to the challenge of this ongoing uncertain period.

With the spread of the Delta Variant of the virus and the lockdown of multiple states around the country, it is now more important than ever to:

  1. Get tested if you are showing signs of infection and isolate yourself until a negative result is returned. Please call your manager and do not report to work if you are concerned about your health.
  2. Get vaccinated should you meet the current health criteria concerning the Astra Zeneca, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.
  3. Wear a mask in public in accordance with your state’s health advice and requirements.

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, free, and the best possible way to protect yourself and those around you from ill-health.

All staff are reminded to follow the health advice in their state of residence and to keep in close contact with family and friends who may be struggling throughout this uncertain period.

Account Managers are reminded to please ensure sufficient Personal Protective Equipment is available at all times, with stock orders placed well ahead of time to avoid shortages.

You can access specific information regarding your state’s current and (hopefully) easing restrictions via the Australian Government’s dedicated Department of Health website HERE

Should you require further information concerning COVID-19, vaccinations and the COVIDSafe app, please call the National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline on 1800 020 080.

By getting tested, vaccinated and isolating when required to do so, we can protect ourselves, our families and our business throughout this uncertain period.

Working together to do good and do well is who we are, and what we do best.

Please direct any questions to ICS Quality, Safety and Environment Coordinator Mark Maximo on 08 8211 0711 or Communications Coordinator Tristan Rust on 08 8362 1600


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