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ICS prides itself on diversity, multicultural employment, inclusiveness and transparency. 


To engage the best, brightest and most responsive people to innovate, find new solutions and practices to deliver high quality, risk free outcomes for our customers.



Global perspective, local delivery

Our Global Perspective is derived from the places we work and the people who join our team from across the globe. This rich diversity of cultures, our international experience and our continual search for new and exciting developments in innovation enable us to bring a wider perspective to the delivery of services at a local level.  Whether we are working in capital cities or regional areas we want to bring this knowledge and experience to ensure better outcomes for our customers.

Creative innovation and learning

We are constantly thinking outside the box, searching for new ways and creative solutions to problems that affect our clients. Our ‘Innovation Round Circles’ are designed to bring people together from across the company in search of new and improved ways. As market leaders with TransTrak, we were the first in the world to develop this innovative real time IT platform. Rather than simply buying off the shelf, we prefer to develop and adapt to real life situations.

Real-Time Responsiveness

The cornerstone of our success is built on our responsiveness to important matters as they arise. Sure, things can go wrong from time to time but responsiveness is part of our DNA. Real Time Responsiveness means we respond now, in the moment, not waiting for tomorrow. We are present when we are needed and address problems as they occur. Our many long term operations including 20 year contract relationships have been built upon foundations of trust which are directly related to our responsiveness to situations as they arise. The emphasis on ‘Real Time’ is our aspirational desire to respond now. 

Embrace diversity and inclusion

ICS respects and embraces diversity as reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter. A diverse workforce starts with recognising that individuals are all different.

We are a diverse company employing people from many different countries and cultures. We welcome and respect people for who they are irrespective of Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexuality or other Ideologies.

Within Australia we want to acknowledge, respect and include Australia’s first peoples and to that end we have established a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which has been certified by Reconciliation Australia.

Safe and sustainable practices

We are driven by a desire to protect our people and the planet.

The safety of our work mates and the people around us is critical. Working in a safe, risk free environment is our collective responsibility. We continually look for ways to reduce risk and improve safety in the workplace.

We develop sustainable practices and encourage our employees to develop or participate in local environmental initiatives

Working together to do good and do well

Doing good and doing well, we can do both. Doing good for the planet and people can be part of a more enriching work life, acting in small ways to help. While we are focused on building a successful business we are also mindful of the communities in which we work and develop programs and support initiatives that make the world a better place. To this end our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy sets out our aspirations to be good corporate citizens.

Honesty, integrity and transparency

We have worked hard to be a reputable company with relationships built on trust, transparency and honesty. What you see is what you get, no hidden agendas or dubious work practices. In turn we value working with clients, employees and contractors who are upfront and honest in their dealings. Integrity is everything.

Key Policies


Code of Conduct


Corporate Social Responsibility


Work Health & Safety Policy


Diversity & Inclusion Policy


Environmental Policy


Quality Policy

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