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Infection Control


Infection Control

ICS Service Solutions’ tailored COVID-19 response Infection Control Cleaning Program delivers a quality service tailored to your business needs. The unfolding COVID-19 Coronavirus health crisis requires responsive Infection Control Cleaning from industry experts with tried and tested operational methodologies, and world-leading cleaning and Infection Control technology for the decontamination of work, service and public areas.

ICS’ Infection Control Cleaning and proprietary track and trace system TransTrak will actively reduce incidence of virus and bacterial contamination and safeguard your business, staff and clients from the risk of Coronavirus.

ICS’ team of qualified cleaners throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore have been expertly trained in Infection Control Cleaning and are equipped with all the appropriate personal protective equipment and disinfection and sanitisation chemicals and products. Working across train, tram and bus networks, hospitals, medical centres and Local Governments for over 55 years, ICS has the industry experience you can depend upon to protect your business.

Tailored Solutions

Infection Control Cleaning tailored to the service requirements of your business and Australian industry standards includes.



Manual sanitisation using a known virucidal agent effective against Coronavirus infection.


Sterilisation of high touchpoint surfaces together with additional surfaces, objects and areas.

Choice of Application

Manual application of virucidal agent with additional spray, mist and fogging options.

Additional Services

Additional and ad hoc Infection Control Cleaning options tailored to size, site and frequency requirements.

24/7 Servicing

Services available 24/7 to meet operational requirements of your business, with recurrent or one of servicing options available.

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Shawn Davitt

Business Development Manager | Business Growth