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TransTrak is the most significant innovation in cleaning services and has been developed by the team at ICS. 

Intuitive Automation For Every Job Type

The software designed from inception is the idea of ICS and the operations team on how to develop real value beyond any mechanical or labour innovation. Until robotics is upon us, small and incremental steps allow refinements and adjustments to each client making the service more and more bespoke, and providing analytics never been seen before.

TransTrak Applications & Benefits

TransTrak data can be used to review current modelling, trend analysis that can have an operational benefits far beyond the current status quo.


Tracking and measuring consumable usage over many sites and locations over time can amount to effective cost containment.

Cleaner Identification

In a more uncertain public environment, the growing need to understand just who is on site, when and why is merely for operational purposes. In the future, ICS will be able to supply operative photo ID detailing experience, training and history with the company.


Medical History

Employers and supervisors are able to note the health and safety records (that’s not subject to privacy) of any employee that happens to be on or off site.

Waste Management

Measure landfill rates, recyclable material and present the contribution that supply is making to the customer.


Detailed information of client spending patterns and alerts when nearing budget for the month. Corrective action can be engaged to avoid any unnecessary overspend that can be difficult to unravel.


ICS provide donations to charities based on the spending of our clients. This can be attributed to the clients charitable contribution.

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